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Advertising on the Metro de Málaga - Metro de Málaga

Advertising on the Metro de Málaga

Every day thousands of people use the Metro in order to get to work, go to school/university, for leisure and generally going about their daily business.  Therefore, advertising your company on the Metro is a very effective way of getting your brand seen by a large number of people.  Its stations offer different communication channels that will help to display your advertising.  There are different types of advertising media that can be put in strategic places.  In addition, promotional and marketing activities can be carried out in the network of stations that make up the Metro de Málaga.

Our users

  • More than 5 million passengers a year use the Metro and, on average, 20,000 people use it every day on weekdays.
  • Almost 60% of the passengers are loyal users and have used the Metro regularly for more than a year.
  • Regular use of the metro is high since 55.4% of users travel on the Metro four or more days a week.
  • The reasons for using the Metro to travel are: 25% for going to school/university, followed by 19.3% for work and the same number for leisure activities.

Advertising activities

  • Vinyl banners in different spaces: station entrance stairwells, stairs, lifts
  • Sales stands
  • Train interiors
  • Partial theming of buildings
  • Promotional activities, eg, sampling
  • Coming soon: Mupis (information panels)

How to contact us

For information about advertising prices and conditions

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Contact:  Eva Parapar

Telephone: 0034 951 539 640/0034 618 523 737