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  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 9001
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In Metro de Málaga we develop our activity based on a management policy which reinforces the following fundamental pillars:

MISSION: To be a sustainable transport system, with a dedicated team committed to the client and enthusiastic about their own professional development, all supported by advanced, modern and safe technology, together with facilities offering easy accessibility and connection to other means of public transport to make Malaga a better city to get around.

VISION: To be established as the safest and most efficient transport option for the city of Malaga.

VALUES: We know what we want to be and how to achieve it: Commitment, Security, Reliability, Customer Service, Teamwork and Pride of Belonging.

COMMITMENT: We do things with passion, being exacting with our processes, our work and our results and always looking for added value. The commitment has to be shared and means being consistent with our objectives. A pleasant environment improves our work every day.

Committed to our society: We provide Malaga with an efficient, comfortable, fast, reliable and safe public transport service.

Committed to our customers: We want to exceed the expectations that our users have of Metro de Málaga as a public transport system, constantly taking into account their opinions by means of a personalized service which is the trademark of our transport system.

Committed to pollution prevention and the continuous improvement of environmental performance. We are helping to create a more sustainable city, reducing the number of cars in circulation and, therefore, improving Malaga’s air quality.

Committed to our personnel: We believe that our staff are individuals and professionals, we therefore offer them a working environment in which they can develop and believe in their contribution to this project.

Committed to our shareholders: The Junta de Andalucía together with prestigious national and international private companies have trusted the Metro de Málaga project with large economic investments, in a tangible way with dedication and vision and also in an intangible way by sharing the responsibility of our business.


SECURITY: Metro de Málaga analyses the risks in the planning and the origins of its processes, facilities and services, achieving an optimal level of efficiency for the protection of all citizens, workers and the environment. We invest in the latest technology and act with responsibility, discipline and efficiency. We rely on the channels of communication, training and the information of our staff to achieve continuous improvements to the system.

RELIABILITY: Investment in innovation makes Metro de Málaga a reliable means of transport. Thanks to this investment it is possible to have the absolute trust of our users. We apply the regulations and implement our own resources to offer the best service to our clients, ensuring not only compliance with the requirements that define the service we offer, but also environmental and health and safety laws governing the security of our employees and the citizens of Málaga.

CUSTOMER CARE: Listening to, attending to and identifying the needs of our clients in order to be informative and take a proactive role in finding solutions that meet these needs, with a comprehensive service that generates long-term trust and confidence. We work for a service that offers maximum availability to our clients, ensuring that it is always the first point of reference of mobility in the city.

TEAMWORK: We all join forces to increase our achievements. Working as a team involves sharing knowledge and experiences, the best contributions of each team member and taking the responsibility that each position has, for the common achievement of the Company objectives, because the work of one, is the work of all.

PRIDE OF BELONGING: We are delighted to work for Metro de Málaga and we feel involved in
the successes and achievements. We are committed to continuous improvement and we strive for a job well done, we feel as if the company were our own. We are the ambassadors of Metro de Málaga, that´s how we feel and that´s how we show it.

In Málaga, September 1, 2016,

Fernando Lozano Ruiz

Managing Director