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Metro School - Metro de Málaga

Metro School

What is Metro School?

It is an educational activity which aims to introduce The Metro to the very youngest. For this Metro de Málaga has designed a programme of activities to showhow to use this mode of transport and how it works.

Among the objectives of this activity are, to show the advantages of using this new transport system including safety, efficiency and speed and in addition to raise awareness amongst young people of the environmental benefits of choosing the Metro to get around the city.

Target Population

Metro School is intended for students enrolled in 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grade at Primary schools in the city of Malaga.

Each group will have a maximum of 60 students.

When does Metro School take place?

Metro School will take place every Wednesday in term time, between october 2017 and June 2018.

Visiting dates will be given by strict order of registration.

What do we do at Metro School?

A complete programme has been designed, to get the most of each visit:

  • 09:30. A welcome reception at originating station by the staff of Metro de Málaga.
  • 10h-10:15h. Metro transfer to the Head Office workshops and depot of Metro de Málaga.
  • 10:30. Guided tour of the workshops and facilities.
  • 10:45. Training activities. Taking of souvenir photograph.
  • 11:15. Breakfast.
  • 11:30. Visit to Central Control.
  • 11:45. Gifts.
  • 12:00. End of activity

How to participate in Metro School

Primary schools interested in participating should follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Application form
    Applications to participate in the Metro School programme should be duly completed by the school and sent by e-mail to Metro de Málaga:
  • Step 2. Visit assignment
    By strict order of receipt of application visits will be assigned on the dates specified in the schedule of visits.
    On the application form each school shall indicate date preference, which will always be given when that date is available on the schedule.

* The cancellation of a confirmed visit should be communicated by the school a minimum of fifteen days prior to the appointed date. The said date will be offered to the school that is at the top of the waiting list.