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Metro Senior - Metro de Málaga

Metro Senior

Metro de Málaga is launching a new educational programme which will be a part of the overall plan to develop and promote knowledge of the Metro for the citizens of Malaga and thereby further the culture of using the Metro.

In order to achieve this objective a programme has been designed to show how to use this means of transport, which will also demonstrate the advantages of safety, speed and efficiency. It will also show the environmental benefits arising from the use of this transport system to the detriment of other alternatives where large numbers of people are travelling.

Target Audience

Metro Senior is aimed at people over 60, residents of the city of Malaga who are interested in travelling by the Metro: how to buy a ticket, how to validate it, what train to take depending on the destination of the passenger etc.
Groups that make the visits will be made up of a minimum of 15 people and a maximum of 40.


Metro Senior will be held every Thursday that is not a public holiday, the allocation of dates will be strictly by order of registration.


In order to get the most out of each visit a complete programme has been designed for the day that will start at 10:00am and will have an approximate duration of two and a half hours:

  • Welcome at the station of origin and guided tour of the station. (The station of origin to be selected by the group).
  • Travel by Metro to the workshops and facilities of Metro de Málaga.
  • Guided tour of the facilities and workshops.
  • Visit to the Central Control Station.
  • Travel by Metro back to the station of origin.
  • End of activity.

During the visit the group will be accompanied at all times by Metro de Málaga personnel who will act as guides and offer explanations and answer questions regarding the installations, trains, types of tickets etc.


Anyone interested in taking part in the Metro Senior programme should comply with the following instructions:

1. Application Form

The form to take part in the Metro Senior programme should be completed and sent by e-mail to Metro de Málaga at

2. Assignment of visits

Visiting dates will be assigned strictly in order of receipt of application forms. The request form should indicate the preferred date, which will be granted always providing the date is free.

* Cancellation of an already confirmed visit must be notified at least fifteen days in advance. This date will be offered to the application that is at the top of the waiting list.