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  • ISO 22320
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 9001
  • IQNet
  • Accesibilidad universal
  • Servicio certificado
  • Seguridad ferroviaria operacional
Accessibility - Metro de Málaga


The design of the trains and stations of Metro de Málaga have no architectural barriers and thereby conform to the established function, safety and accessibility parameters, facilitating access for those users with reduced mobility, those traveling with pushchairs, luggage, bicycles, etc.

The stations incorporate exemplary facilities for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and sensory disabilities. In this respect, and in order to meet the collective needs of these users, elevators and escalators are incorporated at different levels of the stations. As a result the user can move from the primary level (located at street level) to the main concourse and from this point to the platform, by means of either the elevator or escalator. The stations also feature tactile walkways.

The ticket machines are easy to use and adapted for use by travellers with visual and mobility impairments. In addition, an intercom system is available enabling users to communicate any incident or to request information from Metro de Málaga personnel.

All the stations on lines 1 and 2 have validation machines where all tickets must be validated, wider entry and exit barriers adapted for users with reduced mobility.

The fleet of trains that make up the Metro de Málaga network ensure accessibility for all users due to all train floors being at the same height as the platforms. The trains, which provide visual and audible signals to notify of the opening and closing of doors, in addition two spaces are reserved for users with reduced mobility.