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Tickets & Fares - Metro de Málaga

Tickets & Fares

Metro Málaga Occasional ticket

Occasional Ticket

This ticket allows for the charging of 1 – 9 trips. It is rechargeable and can be used by multiple users, meaning it can be used by various users on the same trip, on the proviso they all travel together.

Price: 1.35 €

Card: 0.30 €

Metro Málaga Occasional ticket

Metro de Málaga Travel Card

This travel card is a monetary card rechargeable by cash or bank card. The maximum permitted for recharging this card is 25 € and the minimum 5 €. It is not a named card and allows for multiple users, which means it can be used by upto a maximum of 9 passengers per trip, providing they all travel together.

Price: 0.82 €

Card: 0.30 €

PVC card: 1.80 €

Málaga Transport Consortium Travel Card

Transport Consortium Travel Card

This is an existing card for public transport issued by the Málaga Transport Consortium. It is a rechargeable card which permits travel by multiple users providing they travel at the same time. It is sold in the network of kiosks and tobacconists nominated by the Transport Consortium and can be recharged in all the ticket machines of Metro de Málaga. It is a multimode ticket that permits combined travel within the entire public transport system. In addition a rebate system is available for transfers within the public transport network.

Price: 0.82 €

Important Note:

In the event the trip is a transfer from an urban public bus, the price is 0.65 €.

Transport Consortium Card for large families

Transport Consortium Card for large families

This is a card for existing public transport, issued by the Transport Consortium of Málaga. It is a rechargeable monetary card, it is not for multiple users, it is for a named user and non-transferable.

Customers travelling with the transport consortium card for large families will benefit from discounts prevailing at the time of travel.

Metro de Málaga


All types of tickets accepted by Metro de Málaga with the exception of those of a personal nature, permit multivalidation. Therefore each ticket may be used by multiple users provided they travel together from the originating station to the destination station.

In the event that a user wishes to travel as part of a group it should be noted that one ticket may be validated for a maximum of nine travellers, within a period not exceeding three minutes. Once this time has elapsed group validation is terminated and the trip will be deemed to have started.

Re-validation for a new group or traveller should not be carried out at the entrance to the stations (regardless of the available ticket balance), the system will assume that the previous trip has terminated and a new trip is being initiated.

Given that the validation system also requires the cancellation of the ticket at the destination station, it is mandatory that everyone in the group make their trip together, to enable both the entry and the exit to our facilities be validated at the same stations.

Validation at the destination should be with the same ticket with which entry was made.